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Around the PTC: Week 5

Here are the stats for an exciting week 5

Mathews 22, Rootstown 20

Root    0 – 7 – 6 – 7- 20

Math   0 – 14 – 0 – 8- 22


Math: Leipply 1-yd rush (PAT blocked)

Math: Leipply 4-yd rush (Leipply 2-pt rush)

Root: Kaut 75-yd punt return (Dulaney PAT)

Root: Reddick 1-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Math: Leipply 14-yd rush (Leipply 2-pt rush)

Root: Kaut 75-yd kickoff return (Dulaney PAT)

Team Stats                 Rootstown                      Mathews

First Downs                       5                                      14

Rushing Att/Yds            24/100                             60/289

Passing Comp/Att            1/3                                    3/5

Passing Yards                   32                                    104

Turnovers                          1                                        0

Ravenna 27, Springfield 0

Rav    7 – 6 – 7 – 7- 27

SF    0 – 0 – 0 – 0- 0


Rav: Cross 9-yd pass to Atwood (Starkey PAT)

Rav: Ross 4-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Rav: Ross 19-yd rush (Starkey PAT)

Rav: Cross 10-yd pass to Oros (Starkey PAT)

Team Stats                   Ravenna                       Springfield

First Downs                      21                                       8

Rushing Att/Yds            44/129                              25/104

Passing Comp/Att          15/26                                 7/27

Passing Yards                  180                                   108

Turnovers                          1                                        3

Lucas 44, Waterloo 12

Luc    15 – 14 – 8 – 7- 44

Wat    6 – 6 – 0 – 0- 12


Luc: Galco 1-yd rush (Galco 2-pt rush)

Wat: Bolanz 40-yd pass to Stallsmith (Missed PAT)

Luc: Grover 59-yd rush (Luna PAT)

Luc: Galco 28-yd rush (Luna PAT)

Luc: Luna 14-yd rush (Luna PAT)

Wat: Bolanz 25-yd pass to King (Missed 2-pt)

Luc: Galco 7-yd rush (Galco 2-pt rush)

Luc: Galco 7-yd rush (Luna PAT)

Team Stats                    Lucas                       Waterloo

First Downs                     16                                15

Rushing Att/Yds           40/417                        42/187

Passing Comp/Att           1/1                              6/16

Passing Yards                   -4                                75

Turnovers                          0                                  1

Crestwood 39, Saint Thomas Aquinas 13

Cre    7 – 13 – 6 – 13- 39

STA    0 – 6 – 0 – 7- 13


Cre: Foulkes 1-yd rush (Leanza PAT)

Cre: Thut 28-yd rush (Missed PAT)

STA: Palek 6-yd pass to Rich (PAT Blocked)

Cre: Thut 3-yd rush (Leanza PAT)

Cre: Czerny 10-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Cre: Czerny 26-yd pass to Picone (Missed 2-pt)

Cre: Foulkes 14-yd rush (Leanza PAT)

STA: Howell 83-yd kickoff return (Knowles PAT)

Team Stats                Crestwood           St. Thomas Aquinas

First Downs                    18                                   7

Rushing Att/Yds          44/283                           25/87

Passing Comp/Att        9/10                                4/17

Passing Yards               153                                  47

Turnovers                        2                                     1

Coventry 31, Field 20

Cov    6 – 3 – 22 – 0- 31

Fie    7 – 7 – 6 – 0- 20


Fie: Kruse 20-yd pass to Simpson (Johns PAT)

Cov: Skaggs 6-yd pass to Burkhart (Missed PAT)

Fie: Simpson 1-yd rush (Johns PAT)

Cov: Fuller 28-yd Field Goal

Cov: Sibley 65-yd rush (Pegley PAT)

Cov: Burkhart 31-yd Interception Return (Fuller PAT)

Fie: Simpson 54-yd pass to Kruse (Missed PAT)

Cov: Sibley 8-yd rush (Fuller PAT)

Team Stats                Coventry                      Field

First Downs                  20                                 14

Rushing Att/Yds        32/257                         27/136

Passing Comp/Att      14/23                            11/17

Passing Yards              179                               161

Turnovers                     0                                   3

Conneaut 52, Windham 0

Con    15 – 17 – 6 – 14- 52

Win    0 – 0 – 0 – 0- 0


Con: Sturdily 31-yd rush (Heinonen PAT)

Con: Hunt 13-yd rush (Heinonen PAT)

Con: Hunt 10-yd rush (Heinonen PAT)

Con: Hunt 15-yd rush (Heinonen PAT)

Con: Heinonen 37-yd Field Goal

Con: Hunt 4-yd pass to Gerdes (Missed PAT)

Con: Rivera 35-yd rush (Heinonen PAT)

Con: Williams 25-yd rush (Heinonen PAT)

Team Stats                   Conneaut                 Windham

First Downs                       14                                5

Rushing Att/Yds             26/266                       37/60

Passing Comp/Att            7/14                           1/4

Passing Yards                     51                             21

Turnovers                           0                                1

Mogadore 42, Loudonville 21

Mog    14 – 7 – 7 – 14- 42

LV    0 – 0 – 7 – 14


Mog: Cramer 50-yd punt return (Pollock PAT)

Mog: Pollock 30-yd pass to Barker (Pollock PAT)

Mog: Pollock 4-yd pass to Barker (Pollock PAT)

Mog: Alexander 2-yd rush (Pollock PAT)

LV: VanSickle 3-yd rush (Sprang PAT)

Mog: Tompkins 4-yd rush (Pollock PAT)

LV: VanSickle 62-yd rush (Sprang PAT)

Mog: Alexander 6-yd rush (Pollock PAT)

LV: VanSickle 17-yd rush (Sprang PAT)

Team Stats                     Mogadore                Loudonville

Rushing Att/Yds                34/269                        42/119

Passing Yards                       166                              114

Turnovers                               1                                   0

Garfield 48, Newbury 0

Gar    13 – 21 – 7 – 7- 48

New    0 – 0 – 0 – 0- 0


Gar: Morgan 48-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Gar: Borrelli 5-yd rush (Gorby PAT)

Gar: Michael 32-yd rush (Gorby PAT)

Gar: Morgan 30-yd rush (Gorby PAT)

Gar: Fall 27-yd pass to Borelli (Gorby PAT)

Gar: Denigris 26-yd rush (Gorby PAT)

Gar: Blewitt 5-ys rush (Morgan PAT)

Team Stats                    Garfield                     Newbury

First Downs                       13                                  6

Rushing Att/Yds             24/311                          36/50

Passing Comp/Att           8/10                                1/4

Passing Yards                   111                                10

Turnovers                           1                                    2

Woodridge 55, Streetsboro 20

Wood    14 – 13 – 21 – 7- 55

Str    0 – 20 – 0 – 0- 20


Wood: Sanders 67-yd rush (Lamson PAT)

Wood: Lydic 7-yd pass to Margroff (Lamson PAT)

Wood: Lydic 40-yd pass to Margroff (Lamson PAT)

Str: Williams 44-yd rush (Cooper-Scharra PAT)

Str: Judd 52-yd pass to Jones (Cooper-Scharra PAT)

Wood: Singletary 31-yd fumble return (Missed PAT)

Str: Judd 2-yd pass to Redding (Missed PAT)

Wood: Sanders 6-yd rush (Lamson PAT)

Wood: Lydic 22-yd pass to Margroff (Lamson PAT)

Wood: Sanders 1-yd rush (Lamson PAT)

Wood: Singletary 2-yd rush (Lamson PAT)

Team Stats                     Woodridge             Streetsboro

First Downs                          14                              11

Rushing Att/Yds                32/183                      31/153

Passing Yards                      242                             128

Turnovers                              2                                  2



Ravenna Vs. Woodridge

Tonight we go back to the home of the Ravenna Ravens to look in on the highly anticipated matchup between the Ravens and the Bulldogs. Ravenna came into the game at 2-1(0-0) and in position to strike, while the Bulldogs were sitting pretty atop the division at 3-0(0-0). With this win Ravenna would have the opportunity to seize control of the division. The Bulldogs came in, however, and took care of business, beating the Ravens to the tune of 27-6.

During the week leading up to the game the Ravens were dealt a serious blow. Senior Quarterback, and Team Captain, Derek Cross was diagnosed with a concussion on Wednesday night. It was an injury he sustained during the fourth quarter of the Ravens game against Kent Roosevelt. Coach Lunardi discussed the loss of his Quarterback after the game, saying “I found out at 7:11 on Wednesday night. We had about 48 hours to get our next kid ready to go.”

Just to put it in perspective, for people who look at Sophomore Quarterback Bowen Brown’s numbers and just write him off: Coach Lunardi said he had 48 hours to prepare. Once you break down the time, meaning minus school and sleep, and just look at practice time you have a couple of hours of practice, then the game, right? Well, football teams typically go through what’s called a pregame walkthrough. That’s where the team looks, more or less, at the mental side of the game. They go through schemes and plays, rest, and only really practice for a limited amount of time. Coach Lunardi informed me that that limited amount of time added up to 45 minutes.

45 minutes of practice time!?

Not only that, but he’s a Sophomore who’s had very little in game experience, and who’s also been asked to go up against one of the best defenses the PTC has to offer!

All with only 45 minutes of practice time!?

I know when I looked at it from that perspective I was truly amazed at what the young man accomplished, albeit a subpar statistical performance. Most would be a wreak, but no matter what the Bulldogs threw at Brown, he got back up confidently and continued on.

Now to get to the game.

The Bulldogs got the ball to start the game and wasted little time in getting down the field for their first score. Coach Jeff Decker, of the Bulldogs, came in with a solid game plan. They got their Quarterback going early on a couple of slant routes that lead to first downs. But the Bulldogs didn’t forget about their running game. Junior standout Running Back King Alfred Sanders, 20 att for 92 yds and 3 tds, (Love that name by the way), had a strong showing. He sliced and diced the Ravens defense, helping his offense stay two dimensional all night. The Bulldogs eventually got it down to the one yard line where Sanders took it in from one yard out to give his team the early 7-0 lead at the 8:47 mark.

Ravenna struggled greatly all game to get moving on offense. We discussed the challenge presented to them early in the week, but Ravenna was never a passing team to begin with. The Ravens pride themselves on the run game, which they failed miserably at. Turnovers was a key issue for their running game. The Ravens fumbled the ball four times while attempting to run the ball. In addition, the Ravens backs rarely made an attempt to hit the holes provided by their offensive lines (Which were very rare occasion themselves).

The Bulldogs took advantage during their second possession of the momentum that they were building, and delivered another solid drive. Sophomore Quarterback Mason Lydic, 9/14 for 86 yds, threw the ball well on the drive, connecting of three passes before Sanders took it in for the second of his three touchdowns. It was a 20-yard burst off the right side. Ravens defenders missed five opportunities to tackle the shifty back, including two defenders who could not stop the back at the goal line. After a missed extra point, the score was 13-0 and would stay that way the rest of the quarter.

Since the beginning of football it has been said that games are won or lost in the trenches. Those players that we respectfully call “The big ugly’s” are the players that are supposed to fight every single play as hard as they can, and it shows in the end who’s “Big ugly’s” fought the hardest. This game it was clear that the Bulldogs were the ones that won the battle in the trenches.

Coach Decker spoke excitedly after the game about his lines great play on both sides of the ball, saying “We’ve got great guys in the trenches on both sides of the ball! Coming into the season that was a question mark for us because of inexperience. We’re playing two Sophomore’s on both sides of the ball, and even the Seniors that are playing are doing it for the first time. They’re not the biggest, but they battled hard. They did awesome and I’m really proud of them!”

And Coach was absolutely right. We discussed it in our preseason review of the Bulldogs this year. Coach had expressed concerns about his lines lack of talent and experience. We can see by their play tonight that they have come together and are poised, like the entire Bulldogs team, to do something special this year.

The Ravens started with the ball in the second half, but continued to struggle moving the ball on the ground. Running Back Austin Fox danced around way too often at the line of scrimmage, and bounced outside several times when he should have cut inside. It was like that for all of Ravenna’s Running Backs though. The Bulldogs got so much penetration at the line of scrimmage, the only problem was, they got penetration on the outsides. The Bulldogs Tackles played well, but did not get in the backfield as much as their edge rushers did. The Ravens backs never picked up on this though, and struggled for most of the second half because of it.

At the end of the third quarter the Ravens got together and made a solid drive themselves down the field for their first, and only, score of the game. Brown connected with fellow Sophomore Receiver Kymani Jones in the back of the end zone. It really was a beautiful looking play, as Jones had to fully extend in the air, and barely snagged the ball while being fouled by a defender. It was a no call in the end…but common.

The final score of the game came when Sanders plowed up the middle for a 1-yard touchdown run.

“We’ve got to build, that’s all, we’ve got to build.” Coach Lunardi said of his teams outlook going into week five, “If Derek’s not able to go, then it will be nice to have a week of practice for Brown. Hopefully we’ll be able to add more to our offensive schemes.”

Meanwhile, an excited Woodridge squad looks to build as well “We’ve got a process, and that process is solid, believe in it. Each day we’re going to do the same thing, watch film, and keep going forward.”

I would also like to note that Line Backer Jaylin Clark played an amazing game rushing off the left edge for Woodridge. He scored on a 20-yard fumble return for a touchdown in the third quarter.


Ravenna Vs. Kent Roosevelt

The night could only be described as ugly. Rain poured down, drenching any fan not smart enough to bring an umbrella (Including myself). It was a special night though. The historic rivalry between the Ravenna Ravens (2-1(0-0)) and the Kent Roosevelt Rough Riders (1-2(0-0)) added another chapter. This time it would be the Ravens to come out on top, to the tune of 38-21 over the Rough Riders.

Before we talk about football though, we should certainly mention the other reason this night was special. Today was the memorial of the tragic day, forever burnt into the memories of Americans, 9/11. Fourteen years ago today four planes went down, not only killing the dear passengers but also killing hundreds of other innocent bystanders. Two planes of course struck the World Trade Center towers, another struck the Pentagon, while the fourth came down in Pennsylvania due to the efforts of the heroic passengers.

Every year we are faced with this tragedy. Every year the footage is dragged out. While we certainly do not enjoy watching what took place on that terrible day, we watch the film to honor those that lost their lives. We watch the film to honor the men and women who bravely risked, and even gave, their lives to save others. And, finally, we watch the film to remind us to count our blessings every day, and to always be thankful for the moments we have, because just like back then it could all be taken away in a flash.

The staff at Ravenna High School did well in remembering the tragedy, showing their gratitude by giving thanks to all the brave men and women who risked their lives, and having a touching moment of silence for those that lost their lives. They are to be commended.

Despite all the bad, which we could go on talking about for a long time, a High School football game did take place. And it was an exciting one at that!

Both Coaches shared their thoughts on the historic rivalry and what it means for their team.

“With emotion comes nervousness, with nervousness comes courage. You either have it or you don’t. I believe that some kids know how to channel their emotions and their nerves, and I believe that our kids did that. We have to give credit to Kent though, they fought back all night.” Coach Lunardi said of his Ravenna squad.

“It’s an important game. It’s one that we talk about every year. They know us very well, and we know them very well. All our guys and competitors and friendly rivals, which makes it sting when you come up on the short end.” Coach King said when talking about his squad.

There was no shortage of scoring in this matchup between the Ravens and the Rough Riders. It was clear what the Ravens were planning to do from the get go: Run the ball down Kent’s throat. Not only were they able to have success on the ground, but their offense thrived! The team was lead by Running Back Junior Running Back Tony Lewis who rushed for 112 yards on 21 carries and two touchdowns, followed by Full Back Willie Ross who rushed for 100 yards on 12 carries and one touchdown. Lewis, Ross, and even Austin Fox (11 for 50 yards), seemed as if they couldn’t be stopped all night.

It started in the first quarter when Ravenna received the opening kickoff. The team drained almost the entire first quarter clock on their one possession. They wore down the Rough Riders run defense, especially in the interior. The Ravens used a two running back set up, with Lewis and Ross in the backfield together nearly every play, and switched off between the two. Kent struggled to stop the run up front in the first half. The Ravens weren’t getting huge gains early on, but 5 yards here and there, and before the Rough Riders new it the Ravens were punching it into the endzone. With 3:42 left in the first Lewis scored his first touchdown from 6 yards out, putting the Ravens up 7-0 early.

The Rough Riders finally got the ball with just over 3:30 to go in the first quarter, and weren’t able to produce much. Rough Rider Senior Quarterback Christian Mehlmann threw the ball 45 times in the game. He struggled early on, overthrowing several receivers. Mehlmann threw an interception on their first drive when his pass deflected off his receiver, then a defender, finally ending up in the arms of Safety Shaun Roberts.

The Ravens were gathering more and more momentum as time moved on. The got the ball back thanks to their defense and took it right down the field. The Ravens hammered their way into the redzone once again, through their running game, and Lewis was able to score his second touchdown with 18 seconds left in the first quarter. The Ravens got a little greedy after the score and attempted a two point conversion, but missed, making the score 13-0 at the end of the quarter.

The Rough Riders struggled again to move the football at the start of the second. Mehlmann failed to connect with his receivers, and Kent never made and effort to establish the run. Both offenses were very one dimensional.

Ravenna drove down the field again, once again plowing their way into the redzone. The Ravens handed off to Willie Ross, who ran up the middle, and he struck gold. The score was 20-0 with 5:13 left in the game.

The Rough Riders offense struggled until just over two minutes to go in the half. Mehlmann was able to punch it in from 1 yard out after great field position lead to the easy score. The Rough Riders were finally able to get on the board with 1:20, making the game 20-7 Ravenna. Kent got the ball back with just over a minute to go after a Ravenna turnover and got to work quickly. Mehlmann connected with standout Receiver Matt Lillibridge (9 Cth, 129 Yds, 2 TD) on a 43 yard pass to get them into Ravens territory. Two plays later Mehlmann found Lillibridge on a fade route from 22 yards out to make the score 20-14 at the half.

The third quarter was rather quiet for both teams. Ravenna was eventually able to inch their way down the field and Ross ran it in from 3 yards out. Derek Cross was able to run it in himself to give his team the 28-14 lead over the Rough Riders with 2:11 left in the quarter.

The Ravens once again scored from inside the ten yard line. With five seconds off of the fourth quarter clock the Ravens had made the score 35-14. It was Derek Cross taking it himself on a 1 yard quarterback sneak right up the middle. After a 28 yard Field Goal by Kicker Bradey Starkey made the score 38-14 with 4:11 left to go the Rough Riders looked as if they were ready to wave the white flag.

But Coach King would not let his team go down so easily. Mehlmann was able to orchestrate a drive down the field, eventually finding Lillibridge for the second time time on a scoring play, this one from 40 yards out. The Rough Riders made the score a respectable 38-21 and headed out of Ravenna defeated and looking for revenge.

“We didn’t accomplish what we set out to do, and the score board shows it.” Coach King said of his teams game plan coming in, and how he felt they accomplished it, “We got to go back to work tomorrow, we’ve got to make it better. We have to clean up some mistakes we made, we had costly penalties. I believe we fought better than we did last week, so when we look at the film there will be things to build upon.”

Meanwhile, an excited Coach Lunardi talked about his squads improvement from last weeks tough loss to this weeks victory saying “It’s so hard to judge when you’re facing a rival. No matter if one team is 5-0 and one is 0-5 both will give everything they have. That being said, we did some good things that we will look to build upon.”

One side note: Quarterback Derek Cross went down at the end of the fourth quarter for the Ravens with what appeared to be a concussion. Coach Lunardi said he had no comments on his condition, but said that they will be very cautious with him moving forward.



Around the PTC: Week 2

I am sorry that the week 2 stats for the PTC teams are late, but we have them now! Enjoy!

Aurora 38, Ravenna 10

Aur    14 – 14 – 0 – 10- 38

Rav    0 – 3 – 0 – 7- 10


Aur: Sotka 26-yd pass to Blunt (Albrecht PAT)

Aur: Sotka 16-yd rush (Albrecht PAT)

Rav: Starkey 21-yd FG

Aur: Sotka 27-yd pass to Evans (Albrecht PAT)

Aur: Stawicki 11-yd blocked punt return (Albrecht PAT)

Aur: Sotka 27-yd pass to Blunt (Albrecht PAT)

Rav: Ross 1-yd rush (Starkey PAT)

Team Stats                          Ravenna                        Aurora

First Downs                              10                                   14

Rushing Att/Yds                   34/140                            32/130

Passing Comp/Att                  6/14                                 8/12

Passing Yards                           46                                  175

Turnovers                                  1                                      0

Field 34, Southeast 7

Fie    7 – 0 – 14 – 13- 34

SE    0 – 7 – 0 – 0- 7


Fie: Martin 49-yd rush (Johns PAT)

SE: Rose 1-yd rush (Staudacher PAT)

Fie: Martin 24-yd rush (Johns PAT)

Fie: Westover 1-yd rush (Johns PAT)

Fie: Westover 2-yd rush (Johns PAT)

Fie: Simpson 1-yd rush (Johns PAT)

Team Stats                             Field                      Southeast

First Downs                             20                                8

Rushing Att/Yds                   39/348                       27/104

Passing Comp/Att                  6/12                          10/17

Passing Yards                          62                               81

Turnovers                                  3                                3

Woodridge 34, Manchester 14

Wood    13 – 14 – 7 – 0- 34

Man    0 – 0 – 0 – 14- 14


Wood: Sanders 2-yd rush (Howard PAT)

Wood: Lydic 62-yd pass to Margroff (Missed PAT)

Wood: Lydic 33-yd pass to Novak (Howard PAT)

Wood: Lydic 41-yd pass to Novak (Howard PAT)

Wood: Lydic 5-yd pass to Sanders (Howard PAT)

Man: Earich 72-yd rush (Ott PAT)

Man: Earich 79-yd rush (Ott PAT)

Team Stats                      Woodridge                  Manchester

First Downs                            23                                   13

Rushing Att/Yds                 37/128                            41/285

Passing Comp/Att               16/23                                3/14

Passing Yards                       315                                    43

Turnovers                                0                                       0

Barberton 48, Coventry 27

Bar     6 – 14 – 14 – 14- 48

Cov    0 – 0 – 7 – 20- 27


Bar: Ries 12-yd pass to Booker (Missed PAT)

Bar: McCall 11-yd rush (Davis PAT)

Bar: Blocked punt recovered by Haygood in endzone (Davis PAT)

Bar: McCall 1-yd rush (Davis PAT)

Cov: Sibley 75-yd rush (PAT)

Bar: McCall 57-yd rush (Davis PAT)

Cov: Skaggs 80-yd pass to Burkhart (PAT)

Bar: Brown 4-yd rush (Davis PAT)

Cov: Skaggs 15-yd rush (PAT)

Bar: Brown 7-yd rush (Davis PAT)

Cov: Skaggs 41-yd pass to Burkhart (Blocked PAT)

Team Stats                     Barberton                  Coventry

First Downs                         26                                17

Rushing Att/Yds               52/348                         26/158

Passing Comp/Att             10/19                           12/30

Passing Yards                     111                               281

Turnovers                             1                                   3

Waterloo 28, East Canton 24

Wat    7 – 7 – 0 – 14- 28

EC    14 – 3 – 0 – 7- 24


Wat: Bolanz 26-yd rush (DeAngelis PAT)

EC: Mitchell 65-yd rush (Cochran PAT)

EC: McCullough 60-yd punt return (Cochran PAT)

Wat: Jones 14-yd rush (DeAngelis PAT)

EC: Cochran 31-yd FG

Wat: Jones 4-yd rush (DeAngelis PAT)

Wat: Bolanz 4-yd pass to Stallsmith (DeAngelis PAT)

Team Stats                          Waterloo             East Canton

First Downs                              12                            8

Rushing Att/Yds                   50/273                     28/101

Passing Comp/Att                  9/12                         11/23

Passing Yards                          96                            205

Turnovers                                 0                              0

Berkshire 35, Garfield 27

Berk    7 – 7 – 0 – 21- 35

Gar    6 – 8 – 6 – 7- 27


Berk: Young 6-yd rush (Hanson PAT)

Gar: Fall 44-yd pass to Morgan (Missed 2-pt)

Berk: Spelman 1-yd rush (Hanson PAT)

Gar: Fall 12-yd pass to Denigris (Fall to Denigris 2-pt)

Gar: Borelli 68-yd rush (Blocked PAT)

Berk: Young 7-yd rush (Hanson PAT)

Berk: Young 9-rush (Hanson PAT)

Berk: Young 84-yd rush (Hanson PAT)

Gar: Borelli 1-yd rush (Gorby PAT)

Team Stats                  Berkshire       Garfield (Garrettsville)

First Downs                     18                             16

Rushing Att/Yds          48/260                      20/156

Passing Comp/Att          8/19                         11/22

Passing Yards                  153                          168

Turnovers                           1                              3

Marlington 29, Crestwood 14

Mar    17 – 3 – 0 – 9- 29

Cre    0 – 0 – 14 – 0- 14


Mar: Floyd 27-yd FG

Mar: Pennell 60-yd pass to Floyd (Floyd PAT)

Mar: Pennell 10-yd pass to Sampson (Floyd PAT)

Mar: Floyd 27-yd FG

Cre: Thut 36-yd rush (Leanza PAT)

Cre: Fabry 38-yd pass to Foulkes (Leanza PAT)

Mar: Punt blocked out of endzone for Safety

Mar: Allen 22-yd rush (Floyd PAT)

Bay Village 48, Streetsboro 0

BV    7 – 21 – 7 – 13- 48

Str    0 – 0 – 0 – 0- 0


BV: Koz 16-yd rush (Gergye PAT)

BV: Koz 1-yd rush (Gergye PAT)

BV: Koz 16-yd rush (Gergye PAT)

BV: Best 22-yd rush (Gergye PAT)

BV: Gergye 72-yd interception return (Gergye PAT)

BV: Psota 11-yd rush (Missed PAT)

BV: Firtik 8-yd rush (Hashtings PAT)




Rootstown Vs. Fairport Harbor Stats

Here are the stats for this Fridays covered game:

Rootstown Rovers

Quarterback               Comp/Att           PYds          TDs         TOs

Luke Sorboro                   3/5                  142              2             1

Running Back                  Att                  Yds            TDs        TOs

Nick Harris                        1                     -1                0             0

Chandler England            2                      14              0             0

Luke Sorboro                    10                    115            1             0

Bruce George                    7                      42              1              1

Christian Reddick            2                      17              0              0

Caleb Kaut                        1                       2                1              0

Riley Zoller                       2                       14              0              0

Seth Noel                          3                        4                0              0

Wide Receiver               Cth                    Yds            TDs        Drps

Nick Harris                       1                       72               1              0

Caleb Kaut                        2                       70               1              0

Defense               Tck           TckLos           Sck         Int        FR    PD

Nick Harris           3                   0                  0             0          0      0

Dillon Conner      1                  0                   0             0           0      0

Bruce George       7                   3                   1             0          0      0

Brad Trescott       2                   0                   0             0          0      0

Christian               4                   2                   2             0          0      0


Caleb Kaut           2                    0                   0              0          0      0

Jacob Klicman     1                   0                   0               0          0      0

Riley Zoller          2                    1                  0               0           0      0

Nathan Moore    5                     1                  1               0           0      0

Jeff Atkinson      3                      2                 0                0           0     0

Devin Shipp       3                       1                0                 0          0     1

Mason Radike    1                       0                0                 0          0     0

Graig Simera      2                       0                0                 0          0     0

Fairport Harbor Skippers

Quarterback                    Comp/Att            Yds           TDs        TOs

Tanner Nahorniak               1/3                   25              0             0

Anthony Marcelli                 2/14                 16              0             0

Caleb Hites                            0/2                    0                0             0

Running Back                     Att              Yds           TDs          TOs

Hunter Garisek                    1                  1               0               0

Nathan Bagin                       9                  15             0               0

Marcus Toreki                      2                  5               0               0

Evan Bish                              1                  -2               0              0

Rashawn Alsotn                   1                   0               0              0

Ryan Thomas                        5                   2               0              0

Caleb Hites                            1                    3               0              0

Receiving                   Cth             Yds            TDs            Drps

Hunter Garisek          0                  0                0                  1

Jacob Severino           1                  7                0                  1

Mitchell Yommer      0                  0                 0                  1

Verlin Williams          1                 25               0                  2

Caleb Hites                  1                 9                 0                  1

Nathan Taipole           0                0                 0                   1

Defense                        Tck        TckLos    Sck    Int   FR   PD

Hunter Garisek            0                0            0       1      0      0

Mitchell Yommer        1                 0            0       0      0      0

Nathan Bagin               5                 0            0       0      0      0

Verlin Williams           2                 0            0       0      1      0

Marcus Toreki             2                 0            0       0      0      0

Evan Bish                     2                 0            0       0       0      0

Rashawn Alsotn         1                 0             0       0       0     0

Ryan Thomas              5                 0            0       0       0      0

Edgar Arcos                 2                 0            0       0       0      0

Caleb Hites                  3                  1            1       0       0      0

Nathan Taipole          1                  0            0        0      0       0

Marek Thompson      4                   1           0        0      0       0

Trent Starkey              2                   1           0        0      0       0





Rootstown Rovers Vs. Fairport Harbor Skippers

The Rovers (2-0 (0-0)) took on the Fairport Harbor Skippers on a beautiful night in Rootstown. Their was a soft, cool, breeze in the air. The Rovers fans were able to settle in and watch their team destroy the Skippers 41-0.

It is really encouraging for fans of the Rovers to see their teams succeeding as it is now.

“Some of these guys have been playing four years, most have not. The ones that have, have been able to teach the inexperienced ones a lot. But you still can’t teach them some things, they have to experience them, but they’ve done a great job.” Coach Geis said when talking about his team this year.

Even though they are only two games into a young season, the Rovers aren’t just winning these games, but they are completely trouncing their opponents.

The Rovers beat Newton Falls by the convincing score of 48-21 last week. The only way they could think to follow up on their season opening blowout win? To dish out an even bigger blowout during their home opener.

“We wanted our guys to come in and focus on their piece of the puzzle.” Coach Geis said of his teams mindset coming into the game, “We challenged them all week to do their job, do what we do. We do nothing special, we just want our guys to improve.”

The Rovers showed their fans just how special their season has the potential to be. They shredded the Skippers defense through the running game, which set up their passing game nicely.

It didn’t start so well for the Rovers however. On their opening possession Junior Quarterback Luke Soboro threw up a deep pass that hung just a little bit too long, resulting in an interception for Defensive Back Hunter Garisek. The play certainly got Fairport fans excited, but their momentum wouldn’t last long.

Fairport tried running the ball early, feeding Running Back Nathan Bagin the ball several times, but he couldn’t really get anywhere. The Rovers defense did an excellent job all game long of closing holes, in affect shutting down the running game. What really hurt the Skippers was the poor play of their Senior starting Quarterback Anthony Marcelli. Marcelli’s play could be compared to a three point shooter in a basketball game, when he’s hot he’s tough to stop. But the flip side to that is, if he’s cold it’s going to be a long, ugly night. Tonight Marcelli was so cold that for a period in the first half he was benched, before being brought back out near the end of the second quarter. He looked as if he wasn’t prepared to face the high intensity, and fast paced pressure that the Rovers were consistently throwing at him. He went a dismal 2/14 from the field for a whopping 16 yards on the night.

But enough about the bad parts of the game, let’s talk about the good.

The Rovers offense was electric in the first half.  After his early miscue, Sorboro went 4/4 to end the game, ending the game with a 4/6 for 152 and two touchdowns, and 10 rushes for 115 yards and a touchdown. After the bad play Coach Mark Geis settled his offense down by calling several rushes, including two Quarterback draws. The Rovers drove steadily all the way down the field, and it would be Sorboro to run it in himself from 9 yards out. That drive put the Rovers up 7-0, but they were not done yet.

Following a Skippers three and out the Rover got the ball back, and were looking to begin forcing the Skippers into a hole. The Rovers struck gold immediately when standout Sophomore Caleb Kaut received a screen pass from Sorboro and took it 52 yards for the touchdown. The Skippers defender had absolutely no chance to catch the amazingly athletic Wide Receiver. The Rovers ended the first quarter on top 14-0, and were just getting started.

The Skipper didn’t even know what hit them in the second quarter. Another failed drive led to a Rovers possession. The Rovers shredded the Skipper run defense, driving the ball all the way down to the 21 yard line. The drive was highlighted by a run from Sorboro in which he stiff armed a defender, and spun around another, and was capped off by a beautiful 21 yard rush by Kaut off the left side making the score 21-0 at the 7:52 mark. After another failed attempt at moving the football the Skipper were forced to punt. The punter made the grave mistake of kicking it to Kaut, and paid the price. The Sophmore took the football 65 yards for an exciting touchdown. Once the Sophomore was able to evade the first wave of defenses he turned on the afterburners and found the promise land. Fans were on their feet in applause.

The Rovers finished the first half strong. Sorboro found Receiver Nick Harris on a deep ball for a 72 yard touchdown to make the score 35-0 going into half time. It seemed as if nothing could go wrong for the Rovers at that point.

The second half didn’t see much action out of either side. The Rovers offense continued to carve up the Skippers defense on the ground, but would eventually stall every time down the field. The only bright point in the half came on a 20 yard scamper by starting Running Back Bruce George to give the team a 41-0 lead. The brightest point in the game, aside from the early interception, came when the Skippers blocked the PAT attempt following George’s run. The fourth quarter saw no scoring, but the fans still cheered on their squad as if the game had just begun.

Following the game Coach Geis said he had one simple message for his team “Week three, that’s all that matters now.”


Around the PTC: Week 1

It was an exciting first week for many teams in the Portage Trail Conference. We got to see teams start their journey to the top, teams we expected to dominate do so, and the teams that still need a little work. Each week we will provide you with the weeks scores, and updated stats for all your favorite teams.

Ravenna 37, Tallmadge 14 

Ravenna: 6 – 10 – 14 – 7 – 37

Tallmadge: 0 – 0 – 0 – 14 – 14

Rav -Lewis 40-yd rush(missed PAT)

Rav -Starkey 32-yd field goal

Rav -Barfield 25-yd fumble return(Starkey PAT)

Rav -Lewis 29-yd rush(Starkey PAT)

Rav -Ross 2-yd rush(Starkey PAT)

Tal -Eyre 54-yd rush(Wolf PAT)

Tal -Seeker 1-yd rush(Wolf PAT)

Rav -Cross 28-yd rush(Starkey PAT)

Team Stats:                         Ravenna                              Tallmadge

First Downs                              19                                           7

Rushing Att/Yds                   48/366                                  28/134

Passing Comp/Att                  7/17                                       8/14

Pass Yards                               75                                           14

Turnovers                                1                                              2

Penalties/Yards                    10/65                                       7/60

Norton 13, Mogadore 42

Norton: 6 – 0 – 0 – 7 – 13

Mogadore: 15 – 13 – 14 – 0 – 42

Mog -Pollock 33-yd pass to Dunn(Alexander 2-pt)

Mog -Pollock 27-yd pass to Barker(Pollock PAT)

Nor -Jones 76-yd pass to Edgell(Missed 2-pt)

Mog -Williams 1-yd rush(Missed PAT)

Mog -Pollock 34-yd pass to Dunn(Pollock PAT)

Mog -Cramer 3-yd rush(Pollock PAT)

Mog -Pollock 10-yd pass to Jackson(Pollock PAT)

Nor -Jones 15-yd pass to Belmont(Woehler PAT)

Team Stats                         Mogadore                         Tallmadge

First downs                              11                                         9

Rushing Att/Yds                   32/144                                  33/80

Passing Comp/Att                15/24                                    6/9

Passing Yards                       231                                       113

Turnovers                             1                                           2

Woodridge 42, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy 0

Woodridge: 21 – 7 – 14 – 0 – 42

CVCA: 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Wood – Sanders 44-yd rush(Howard PAT)

Wood – Lydic 17-yd pass to Novak(Howard PAT)

Wood – Sanders 5-yd rush(Howard PAT)

Wood – Lydic 8-yd pass to Taylor(Howard PAT)

Wood – Sanders 13-yd rush(Howard PAT)

Wood – Robinson 26-yd fumble return(Howard PAT)

Team Stats                      Woodridge                             CVCA

First Downs                            20                                         5

Rushing Att/Yds                 31/239                                 24/73

Passing Comp/Att              10/20                                   6/19

Passing Yards                     132                                      51

Turnovers                           1                                          2

Newton Falls 21, Rootstown 48

Newton Falls: 0 – 6 – 0 – 15 – 21

Rootstown: 14 – 20 – 14 – 0 – 48

Root – Kaut 7-yd rush (Dulaney PAT)

Root – George 20-yd rush (Dulaney PAT)

Root – Kaut 27-yd rush (Dulaney PAT)

NF – Walters 1-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Root – Sorboro 27-yd pass to Harris (Dulaney PAT)

Root – Kaut 1-yd rush (Dulaney PAT)

Root – George 1-yd rush (Dulaney PAT)

Root – George 20-yd rush (Dulaney PAT)

NF – Walters 13-yd rush (Boone to Walters 2-pt conversion)

NF – Walters 67-yd pass to Herra (PAT)

Team Stats                       Rootstown                         Newton Falls

First Downs                            14                                          10

Rushing Att/Yds                 42/228                                   32/50

Passing Comp/Att              2/4                                         6/17

Passing Yards                     41                                          118

Turnovers                           1                                            1

Streetsboro 33, Southeast 6

Streetsboro: 20 – 13 – 0 – 0 – 33

Southeast: 0 – 0 – 0 – 6 – 6

Str – Judd 10-yd rush (Missed 2-pt)

Str – Judd 14-yd rush (Cooper-Sharra PAT)

Str – Flick 3-yd rush (Cooper-Sharra PAT)

Str – Judd 3-yd pass to Cooper-Sharra (Missed PAT)

Str – Judd 34-yd pass to Williams (Cooper-Sharra PAT)

SE – Bailey 10-yd rush (Time Expired)

Team Stats                 Streetsboro                        Southeast

First Downs                       24                                        6

Rushing Att/Yds            39/298                                36/124

Passing Comp/Att         12/20                                  1-4

Passing Yards                102                                     25

Turnovers                      1                                         1

Crestwood 47, West Branch 12

Crestwood: 14 – 0 – 19 – 14 – 47

West Branch: 0 – 6 – 0 – 6 – 12

Cre – Foulkes 9-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Cre – Foulkes 6-yd rush (Thut PAT)

WB – Smith 23-yd fumble return (Blocked PAT)

Cre – Foulkes 31-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Cre – Fabry 12-yd rush (2-pt Missed)

Cre – Fabry 10-yd pass to Bates (Leanza PAT)

Cre – Thut 50-yd rush (Leanza PAT)

Cre – Picone 9-yd rush (Leanza PAT)

WB – Stowe 7-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Team Stats                           Crestwood               West Branch

First Downs                                19                                 4

Rushing Att/Yds                     37/186                          28/64

Passing Comp/Att                  14/19                            3/10

Passing Yards                         213                               47

Turnovers                               3                                   4

Champion 28, Waterloo 7

Champion: 6 – 15 – 0 – 7 – 28

Waterloo: 0 – 0 – 0 – 7 – 7

Cha – Fenstermaker 2-yd rush (Missed PAT)

Cha – Stahlman 40-yd rush (Allen PAT)

Cha – Slyk 60-yd rush (Mahan PAT)

Wat – Bolanz 6-yd rush (DeAngelis PAT)

Cha – Stahlman 3-yd rush (Mahan PAT)

Team Stats                      Waterloo                    Champion

First Downs                          7                                    14

Rushing Att/Yds             38/102                             36/225

Passing Comp/Att          3/12                                 4/14

Passing Yards                 31                                    67

Turnovers                       2                                      0