Hello PTC fans!

Hello fans,

My name is Zachary Bellar. I am a former sports writer for a local paper. During my time there I gained a lot of very valuable experience, not to mention the fact that I greatly enjoyed the job!

Sports are my passion. I have loved…really any sport, since I was little. My favorite sports are football and basketball, but I enjoy watching and playing anything that can be called a sport. I decided after I graduated in 2014 to make my passion for sports a career, and what helped was the fact that I am also passionate about writing. I love reading and writing very much, and consider both a very important part of our society. There’s nothing better than a writer that can inspire, bring together, and cause one to feel emotion.

I hope that I can bring out the best in any game that I cover, and hope that my readers enjoy every word. This is a small operation now, consisting of just me, but I have no doubt that we will be able to expand soon, which means more games being covered.

Fans will be able to enjoy team previews for every PTC football team coming up soon.

Thank you for your time, and please visit again soon.

-Zachary Bellar


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