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The Coventry Comets have struggled over the passed few year. They haven’t been able to string wins together. They certainly haven’t played to their full potential talent wise. They have left fans disappointed and hungry for more.

But this is a new year.

The Coventry Comets this year will look to build on what was a decent year, considering previous ones, last year. The Comets went a disappointing 2-8 in 2013-2014, followed by a slight upswing in 2014-2015 going 4-6 (2-4).

Will the Comets double their win total again?

Of course not. I cannot project the Comets to win eight games this year. But what fans should be wondering is, can this team improve further? Can this team show that it is ready to compete at a high level? Even if they don’t win a bunch of game, will the scores at least be close? Especially when going against the teams that will be at the top of the division, such as Crestwood, Field, or Ravenna?

It will certainly be interesting for fans to watch as the Comets strive to answer these questions this year. So while we wait for them to be answered, let’s look at what we’ll be seeing on the field.

Coach Edward Egan commented on his offense saying “We are an ‘Athletic’ Philosophy. Get the ball to our athletes, whatever it takes to win.” There’s no question that the Comets are a very athletic team. The have speed and height in all the right positions. They have the potential to be playmakers. But what I’ve talked about with other teams like Ravenna, and Woodridge, is that in addition to some great athletes they also do a great job of using the system to their advantage.

You look at the Ravens, on an upswing, starting to rise from the depths of despair. The Bulldogs are a model of consistency, and have shown that they will outsmart opponents when it comes to play on the field. When you look at the Comets athletically, and at their talent, compared to the two schools we’ve discussed, they are even, or at least not that far off. We know this team has the physical part of the game down, but can they make full use of their system, can they use their heads right? Talent without brains is useless, and we can’t wait to see if the Comets show that they are willing to take that next step.

Now to continue looking at the team.

“(Jaret) Skaggs is our third year starting Quarterback. He threw for over 2,000 yards and 24 Touchdowns last year. Looking forward of his leadership and command of the offense.” Coach said of his Senior Quarterback. Again, as I stated earlier, the numbers are their. But like Coach Egan said, we are all looking forward to seeing how the Senior QB takes control of the offense, what leadership he can show.

Now looking at the defense. The Comets are set up for success on defense. “We have four returning starters, including 6’5″, 255lb, DE Bryce Hargrove. We need to stop the run. Our athletes are in the defensive backfield, so if we can stop to run, and force them to pass, hopefully we will have the advantage.” This is a very key asset for the Comets. Their defense has the potential to be elite this year, if they can do just what their coach said. They have a front line that’s anchored by Hargrove, which not only can stop the run, but can also get to the QB. That combined with ball hawking play makers on the outside, and we could see the Comets making things interesting.

Now it’s time for the pre-game huddle:

The Comets are a team with talented Seniors at key positions. Watch for Jaret Skaggs under center, Tremayne Collins, DuVale Patterson, and Dominic Pegley all catching passes. This is a team that will certainly be looking to take the top of in the passing game.

We also cannot talk about the Comets without talking about standout athlete Bryce Hargrove. He is not only a football star, but a basketball one as well. Hargrove will be heading off to the University of Pittsburgh after the season to play Defensive End for the Panthers. I would like to congratulate him on his success, the Comet fan base cannot wait to see you play this year, and we all certainly look forward to following your career later on.

As I said earlier, can I predict substantial success this year? No. But I do believe that they will get one game better this year. I predict the Comets will go 5-5 this year, and be middle of the pack in their division.

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